Our services

Expert opinion:

We investigate and evaluate foods with regard to their composition, their hazard potential and their ability to be transported.


Official cross-checks:

When the authorities (such as the veterinary office, the police) take samples from your farm as part of the LFGB, you have the right to a cross check. Should it come to complaints, you can have us examined by recognized testers review the offending products. These reports will then be upheld in court.


Food law:

The findings are assessed in accordance with current food law regulations.


Sample pick-up:

In order to be able to respond promptly to your analysis needs, we offer the service of sample collection. You arrange a pick-up appointment with us and one of our employees picks up the material to be analyzed or even pulls a sample.


Food Analysis:

The Bacteriology and Food Hygiene Expert Laboratory focusing on bacteriology and food hygiene identifies the microbial status of your food. We carry out from immediate approaches on durability tests to follow-up checks examinations of various germs and storage conditions for you.

Depending on your wishes and demands, we carry out the examination for pathogenic germs, the prescribed DGHM criteria for your product, or the analysis spectrum of your choice. We are happy to inform you product-specifically.


Food safety:

Food safety, along with general marketability, comes first when it comes to the evaluation and production of food. We would be glad to analyze pathogenic germs for you in a timely manner in order to check the bacteriological safety of your food.


Foreign objects are a frequent reason for public recalls and can trigger food scandals. In case of suspicion, SL Stanlab GmbH will be pleased to inform you about the further procedure and carry out the corresponding investigations for you.


Food Research:

Of course, we are constantly working with our research partners to stay up-to-date.




Our partners in research:


Tierärztliche Hochschule Hannover

Hochschule Ostwestfalen-Lippe in Lemgo

Universität Zürich